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Plays Produced by the Provincetown Players 1926-1929




SEASON 1926-1927

First Bill, November 12, 1926
Princess Turnandot by Carlo Gozzi
Adapted from the Russian Version by
Henry G. Alsberg and Issac Don Levine
Directed by Leo Bulgakov
Settings and Costumes by Robert Van Rosen

Second Bill, December 30, 1926
In Abraham’s Bosom by Paul Green
Directed by Jasper Deeter
Settings by Cleon Throckmorton

[Third Bill at the Mayfair Theater
La Finta Giardiniera by Mozart
Presented by the Intimate Opera Company]

Fourth Bill, April 7, 1927
Rapid Transit by Lajos N. Egri
Translated by Gustav Davidson
Adapted by Charles Recht
Directed by James Light


SEASON 1927-1928

First Bill, December 28, 1927
The Prisoner by Emil Bernhard
Translated by Alexander Berkman
Directed by James Light
Settings by Roderick Seidenberg

Second Bill, February 15, 1928
Hot Pan by Michael Swift
Directed by James Light
Settings by Cleon Throckmorton

Third Bill, April 18, 1928
Him by E. E. Cummings
Directed by James Light
Settings and costumes designed by Eugene Fitsch


SEASON 1928-1929

Revival of In Abraham’s Bosom for one week
with Thomas Mosely playing the title role

First Bill
Guest production Singing Jailbirds by Upton Sinclair
Produced by New Playwrights

Second Bill, October 20, 1928
The Final Balance by David Pinski
Directed by Theodore Viehman
Settings by Mordecai Gorelik

Third Bill, January 9, 2929
Revival of S. S. Glencairn by Eugene O’Neill

Fourth Bill, March 5, 1929
Before Breakfast by Eugene O’Neill
Directed by James Light
Mrs. Rowland played by Mary Blair

The Earth Between by Virgil Geddes
Directed by James Light
Settings by Mr. Light
Floy Jennings played by Bette Davis


SEASON 1929-1930
[at the Garrick Theater, 65 West 35th Street]

First Bill, September 17, 1929
Fiesta by Michael Gold
Directed by James Light
Settings by Cleon Throckmorton
Incidental dances arranged and directed by Tamiris

Second Bill, November 12, 1929
Winter Bound by Thomas H. Dickinson
Directed by James Light
Settings by Eugene Fitch

November 17, 1929
"A Rehearsal of Provincetown Playhouse Productions"
Staged by William Stahl
Technical Direction by Mogens Petri
Musical Direction by Macklin Marrow

Performances from:
The Critics on the Proscenium
(a dialogue by Gilbert Seldes for the benefit of the performance)
Patience by Gilbert and Sullivan
Fashion by Anna Cora Mowatt
Him by E. E. Cummings
The Ancient Mariner arranged by Eugene O’Neill
Fiesta by Michael Gold
Winter Bound by Thomas H. Dickinson
“Civil War” from La Rinta Giardiniera
(danced by Agnes de Mille, music arranged by Louis Horst)
The Hairy Ape by Eugene O’Neill
Orpheus by Gluck
(performance by Richard Hale)
Desire Under the Elms by Eugene O’Neill
(performance by Walter Huston)
Paul Robeson singing Spirituals