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Plays Produced in the Provincetown Playhouse in 1980s Chronological

[not a complete list]



September 15, 1980-October 25, 1980
Transcendental Love by Daryl Boylan, Music by John Franceschina
Directed by Robert Strane
Produced by Asolo State Theatre of Florida, Frank Gero, Mark Gero and the Provincetown Playhouse

November 24, 1980-November 27, 1980
Bohemian Heaven by Jan Novak
Directed by Gerald Mast
Produced by Bohemian Productions, Inc.

March 8, 1981-May 17, 1981
Veronica’s Room by Ira Levin
Directed by Arthur Savage
Produced by Barbara Savage and Veronica Productions Company

June 23, 1981-July 12, 1981
Oscar Remembered by Maxim Mazumdar
Produced by Kevin Gebhard

October 13, 1981-November 15, 1981
My Own Stranger by Marilyn Campbell, based on a story by Anne Sexton
Original Music by Richard Kassel
Directed by Linda Laundra
Produced by Linda Laundra, Gintare Sileika Everett and Writers Theater

December 6, 1981-January 3, 1982
Whistler by Lawrence and Maggie Williams
Directed by Jerome Kitty
Produced by Frank Gero and Mark Gero
Actor was John Cullum

June 22, 1982-July 15, 1982
Jane Avril by Jane Marla Robbins
Directed by Albert Takazauckas
Produced by Jenny Maybrook Besch

October 17, 1982-January 2, 1983
Edmond by David Mamet
Director by Gregory Mosher
Produced by Goodman Theatre, J.P. Pavenelli, David Jiranek, I. Michael Kasser, Marjorie Oberlander and David Weill
Actors included Patti Lupone as the replacement for Edmond’s Wife

April 24, 1983-unknown (42 performances)
Win/Lose/Draw (Little Miss Fresno by Mary Gallagher and Ara Watson, Final Placement by Ara Watson, and Chocolate Cake by Mary Gallagher
Directed by Amy Saltz
Produced by Joseph Butt, Doug Cole, Rosita Sarnoff and Ann Wilder

October 5, 1983-October 9, 1983
A Little Madness by Gerald Zipper
Directed by Norman Gevanthor
Produced by Bellweather Productions and Bella Rosenberg

November 8, 1983-December 18, 1983
Secret Honor by Donald Freed and Arnold M. Stone
Directed by Robert Harders
Produced by Robert Altman, Los Angeles Actor’s Theatre, Sandcastle Productions
Actor was Philip Baker Hall

February 15, 1984-March 4, 1984
Babalooney. Music by Larry Schanker and Practical Theatre Co.
Directed by Brad Hall
Producted by Paul Barrosse, Arthur Cantor, Brad Ahll, Bruce Ostler, Practical Theatre Co. and Bonnie Nelson Schwartz

March 16, 1984-April 1, 1984
The Actor’s Delicatessen by Priscilla Cohen and Murray Mednick
Directed by Julie Herbert
Produced by Chris Silva, Sarah E. Weisman and Yentl Productions/George A. Schapiro
Actors were ‘David Garfield and Marilyn Sokol

November 8, 1984-November 25, 1984
Losing It by Jon Klein
Directed by Andrew Cadiff
Produced by Mary Kell and Don Leslie

June 19, 1985-unknown (363 performances)
Vampire Lesbians of Sodom and Sleeping Beauty or Coma by Charles Busch
In repertory with Times Square Angel
Directed by Kenneth Elliott
Produced by Gerald A. Davis and Theatre in Limbo
Actors included Charles Busch and Julie Halston