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Plays Produced in the Provincetown Playhouse in 1970s Chronological

[not a complete list]



February 12, 1970-February 15, 1970
I Dreamt I Dwelt in Bloomingdale’s, Book by Jack Ramer, Music by Ernest McCarty, Lyrics by Ernest McCarty and Jack Ramer
Directed by David Dunham
Produced by Sam Levine

April 29, 1970-May 17, 1970
How Much How Much? by Peter Kevenson
Directed by Richard Altman
Produced by Ashley Feinstein and George Gilbert

February 18, 1971-February 21, 1971
Things That Almost Happen by Claude McNeal
Directed by Claude McNeal

October 14, 1971-October 17, 1971
Friends and Relations by Eugene Yanni (2 one-act plays)
Directed by Tom Millott
Produced by Tom Millott
Actors include Madeleine Sherwood

April 10, 1973-April 18, 1973
The Soldier by Nick Bellitto
Directed by Eleanore Chapin
Produced by DIAperion Company

October 3, 1974-October 20, 1974
The Advertisement
Produced by Classic Theatre

April 9, 1975-April 13, 1975
The Magic of Jolson!

April 15, 1976-May 9, 1976
Produced by Ridiculous Theatrical Company

June 24, 1976-July 10, 1976
The Tavern by George M. Cohan
Directed by Michael Posnick
Produced by Actor’s Alliance

July 14, 1976-July 25, 1976
Lullaby by Don Appell
Directed by William Arrigon
Produced by Actor’s Alliance

July 30, 1976-August 15, 1976
Hay Fever by Noel Coward
Produced by Actor’s Alliance