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Plays Produced in the Provincetown Playhouse in 1960s Chronological

[not a complete list]



opened January 14, 1960
Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett
Directed by Alan Schneider
Actor was Donald Davis
The Zoo Story by Edward Albee
Directed by Milton Katselas
Produced by Richard Barr, Harry Joe Brown Jr., H.B. Lutz and Theatre 1960
Actors were William Daniels and George Maharis

March 16, 1962-unknown
Mummers and  by Herbert Ratner
Produced by Village Repertory Theatre

July 2, 1962-July 8, 1962
Raisin’ Hell in the Son by Hal DeWindt and Reni Santoni
Directed by Hal DeWindt
Produced by Houston Brummit

October 8, 1962-November 4, 1962
O Say Can You See! by Bill Conklin and Bob Miller, Lyrics by Cynthia Baer, Music by Jack Holmes
Directed by Cynthia Baer, Musical Director Jack Holmes, Ch
Choreography by Ray Harrison
Produced by Greenville Company
Actors included Sally Ackerman and Marcia Rodd

May 11, 1964-July 12, 1964
Home Movies/Softly Consider the Nearness, Book and lyrics by Rosalyn Drexler, Music by Al Carmines/Play by Rosalyn Drexler
Directed by Lawrence Kornfeld
Produced by Orson Beane Productions, Inc., produced in assoc. with Judson Poets’ Theatre
Program of two one acts: the musical Home Movies and play Softly, Consider the Nearness

October 20, 1965-October 26, 1965
Kill the One-Eyed Man! By Herb Shapiro, Music by Gary William Friedman (Based on the story “Diary of a Madman” by Nikolai Gogol)
Directed by Tom Competello
Produced by Iliad-Europa Productions, in assoc. with Russell Allen Jacobsen
Actors include Hector Elizondo

November 10, 1965-November 21, 1965
Miss Julie/The Stronger by August Strindberg (Adapted by Arthur Reel)
Directed by Arthur Reel
Produced by June Miller

February 13, 1966-May 15, 1966
The Deadly Game (adaptation of the novel Trapps by Friedrich Duerrenmatt)
October 11, 1966-October 16, 1966
Match-Play/A Party for Divorce by Lee Kalcheim
Directed by Robert Livingston
Produced by Theatre 1967 (Richard Barr, Clinton Wilder, Michael Kasdan)
Actors included Tony Musante

November 30, 1966-December 4, 1966
The Songs of Mark Blitzstein
Director by Ellen Pahl
Produced by Herbert Dorfman and Stage Associates

January 30, 1967-March 5, 1967
The Golden Screw, Book, Lyrics and Music by Tom Sankey
Directed by James Grove
Produced by Delancy Productions and Pandora Productions

May 9, 1967-May 14, 1967
Harold/Sondra by Frederick Feirstein
Directed by Vasek Simek
Produced by Mari Saville

April 28, 1968-June 23, 1968
Muzeeka by John Guare
Directed by Melvin Bernhardt
Red Cross by Sam Shepard
Directed by Jacques Levy
Produced by Betty Ann Besch and Warren Lyons
Actors included Sam Waterston

October 17, 1968-October 20, 1968
Just for Love by Micheal Valenti (Music), Henry Comor and Jill Showell
Directed by Henry Comor
Produced by Seymour Vail, Investors Production Company, in assoc. with Maurice Rind

December 3, 1968-December 4, 1968
Papers by Hans Ruesch
Directed by Anthony J. Stimac
Produced by Robert D. Feldstein

February 2, 1969-February 16, 1969
Shoot Anything With Hair That Moves by Donald Ross
Directed by David Goldman
Produced by Peter Aiello and Seymour Vall, in assoc. with IAP
Starred Bert Convy and featured Danny Devito

March 29, 1969-April 6, 1969
Lime Green/Khaki Blue, two one-act plays by Ben Piazza
Directed by Peter Masterson
Produced by Lawrence P. Frailberg
Actors included Louise Lasser and Robert Walden featured in Lime Green

May 14, 1969-May 25, 1969
Pets by Richard Reich (Three one acts: Baby With a Knife, Silver Grey Toy Poodle and Pets)
Directed by Tony Calabrese
Produced by Jack Beekman, Jules Itts and in assoc. with Roy Baxter
Actors included Alan Weeks

June 13, 1969-June 22, 1969
Time for Bed/Take Me to Bed by Charles Love
Directed by Paul Weidner
Produced by Phillip Bell and in assoc. with Alexander Maissel

August 5, 1969
Sourball by Robert Shure
Directed by James Kerans
Produced by J & S Productions

October 28, 1969-November 2, 1969
Rose by Emanuel Fried
Directed by Charles Olsen
Produced by JanMar Productions Ltd.