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Plays Produced in the Provincetown Playhouse in
1930s Chronological

[not a complete list]



April 14, 1931-September 1931
Precedent by I. J. Golden
Directed by Walter Hart
Produced Sidney Harmon

October 22, 1931-November 1931
No More Frontier by Talbot Jennings
Directed by Shepard Traube
Produced by Shepard Traube and Max Sonino

November 30, 1931-January 1932
Coastwise by Don Mullally and H.A. Archibald
Directed by Don Mullally
Produced by Edward F. Gardner
Featured actress Shirley Booth

December 8, 1931-December 1931
The Second Comin’ by George Bryant
Produced by Jerome H. Wallace

February 2, 1932-February 1932
The Marriage of Cana by Julian L. McDonald
Directed by Anatol Bendukov

March 3, 1932-March 1932
Park Avenue, Ltd. by Deborah Beirne
Directed by Harold Southgate
Produced by Deborah Beirne

March 30-April 1032
Black Souls by Annie Nathan Meyer
Directed by James Light
Produced William Stahl

April 22, 1932-June 1932(?)
Merry Go Round by Albert Maltz and George Sklar
Directed by Walter Hart
Produced by Michael Blankfort and Walter Hart

May 10, 1932-May 1932
The Lady Remembers
Directed by John F. Grahame
Produced by Graissel Productions Company

June 2, 1932-June 1932
Blue Monday by Denson Inge
Produced and Directed by Barnett Warren

June 29, 1932-July 1932
The Lingering Past by Leonard J. Tynan
Directed by Edwin Hopkins
Produced by Seven Arts Guild Players

August 1, 1932-August 1932
The Devil’s Little Game by Joseph Jay Ingerlid
Directed by Stuart Beebe
Produced by Alexander Burke

November 21, 1932-December 1932
Moral Fabric by G. N. Albyn
Directed by John F. Grahame
Produced by Playwrights’ Guild

January 3, 1933-January 1933
Fantasia by John Eldon Fillmore
Directed by Donald Lamotte Hathaway
Produced by Provincetown Playhouse Guild Association

February 6, 1933-February 1933
One Wife or Another by Percy Shaw and T. Wigney Pervyal
Directed by Herbert Ranson
Produced by Actors and Authors, Associated

February 24, 1933-March 1933
Black Diamond by Stanley Kimmel
Directed by Ralph MacBane
Produced by Donald Lamotte Hathaway

March 22, 1933
Raw Meat by Myla Jo Closser and Homer Little
Directed by William A Williams
Produced by Provincetown Playhouse Guild Association

September 11, 1933-September 1933
The Mountain by Carty Ranck
Directed by Fred Eric
Produced by Provincetown Playhouse Guild Association

March 13, 1934-March 1934
Wrong Number by Eloise Keeler
Directed by John F. Grahame
Produced by Intimate Theatre Group

October 9, 1934-October 1934
Green Stick by Jay Doten
Directed Arthur Donaldson
Produced by Vincent Mallory

April 20, 1935-May 1935
Jackson White by David Arnold Balch
Directed by David Balch
Produced by A. Lawton McElhone

November 3, 1935-December 1935
Provincetown Follies
Directed by Lee Morrison
Produced by the Greenwich Musical Guild, Inc.

April 28, 1937-May 19, 1937
Tobias and the Angel by James Bridie
Directed by Ellen Van Volkenburg
Produced by Studio Theatre of the Federal Theatre Project

October 25, 1939-November 25, 1939
Cure for Matrimony by Paul F. Treichler
Directed by Ad Karns
Produced by The Producers Theatre

December 19, 1939-December 30, 1939
Steel by Harold Igo
Directed Ad Karns
Produced by The Producers Theatre