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Plays Produced in the Provincetown Playhouse by Experimental Theatre, Inc.




SEASON 1922-1923

Produced by Alice Kauser

December 20, 1922-February 1, 1923
(then transfers to the Greenwich Village Theatre)

The Gods of Vengeance by Sholom Asch
(with English Translation by Dr. Issac Goldberg)
Directed by Rudolph Schildkraut
Cast included Irwin J. Adler, Mae Berland, Morris Carnovsky, and Sam Jaffe

March 26, 1923-April 14, 1923
Sandro Botticelli by Mercedes de Acosta
Cast included Helenka Adamowska, Denis Auburn, Arthur Bowyer, and Elsa Braun

April 25, 1923-May 1, 1923
Sylvia by Leighton Osmun
Cast included Elliott Cabot, Julia Cobb, Norman Cope, and Catherine Cozzens

May 25, 1923-June 1, 1923
Sun Up by Lula Vollmer
Benjamin Kauser and Henry Stillman, directors
Cast included Burnside Babcock, France Bendtsen, Alan Birmingham, and Elliott Cabot